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my big family
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Friday, April 5, 2013


            I had a fiancé. It was a different feeling especially when you introduced to your relatives or friends. “This is my fiancé.” Our lives had changed. No more sneaking around. Even If I wanted to accompany her to her ‘kampung’, my parents would allow me to do so. If there were any family gathering like a wedding reception, or a ‘doa selamat’ anywhere, I am allowed to bring her along.

            It is true what they said about being engaged, we were challenged and tested. As in my previous chapter, (if u all read it) we were working at the same office. She was the receptionist and I was an assistant account clerk.  Someone in the office, my own colleague had fall in love with my beloved fiancé.

            Can anybody imagine how it felt like? I was his friend. He knows that I was engaged to this lovely beautiful woman. Still he dared and tried to take her away from me under my nose. At first I thought he was only wanted to become good friends with her, I don’t mind if that was his only agenda. I trust my fiancé. She told me everything, even when he called her in the middle of the night.

At this point in time we always quarrel, even a tiniest mistake we always end up upsetting each other. I guessed I owed it to her for the lasting relationship. She tolerates my hot tempered behavior. I guess I owed to her for being a better man.

She went to Perth at the middle of ’98. She went and stayed with her uncle for two weeks. She told me that she wanted to take a long holiday before she became my wife, and when she was there I called her almost everyday.

When she came back she was better than before. Getting away from me was good for her. She knew that she made the right decision marrying me. I know you guys think that she already decided to marry me long time ago, but as the saying, ‘cold feet’ means, she need to get her priority straight. When she was away she too missed me a lot and she knew that she could not live without me, and neither could I.  I am not being modest, and not exaggerate, but this was the truth, a fact that all my friends and families can vouch me for it.

The challenge being engaged doesn’t stop on relationship with each other, but more than that. Until now I wasn’t sure how we put it through. Our wedding was not normal, and that my dearest readers are on the next chapter.

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